Patients with state and private health insurance please note:


We treat patients with private health insurance and self-paying patients and charge the same costs.


Initial Out-Patient Consultation:      £120


Follow-up Consultations:                 £100


This covers the fixed costs of room hire charges by the Clementine Churchill Hospital, medical indemnity insurance and practice costs of approximately £80 per visit as well as Mr. Murphy's personal fee.


Application of casts:  £75


No additional fees are charged for injections by Mr. Murphy but the hospital makes a charge of £72  per injection to cover costs of drugs, disposables and equipment. Investigations e.g. blood tests, etc and imaging i.e. x-rays and scans are billed by the Clementine Churchill Hospital. Copies of imaging are also charged by The Clementine Churchill Hospital.


There is normally a 10% reduction in in-patient hospital charges i.e. surgery costs during the quieter months of August; December and January for self-paying patients. 


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